I love cum

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
I love cum

My name is Shelly and I am a /cum/cum-slut/">cum slut. I just can’t say no to anyone, ever since my first boyfriend got his cock out in front of me I have craved for cum, I was eighteen when me and Sean started to date and he was the strong muscular type, One night after we had both been drinking and kissing all the way home he pulled me into a dark ally and as we kissed he started to grope my tits and this always turned me on but what really changed things was when he got his cock out and pushed my hand down on to it.

This was the /first-time/">first time I had felt a naked cock, sure I had rubbed him through his jeans in the past but we had never gone any further than a quick grope which normally ended up with me in bed fingering my pussy till I climaxed on my own. His cock was really hard and about 7’ long blowjob porn videos I was letting my hand glide up and down the length of it and it felt really hard and it was making my pussy really wet. Sean then slipped his hand up milf porn videos my skirt and his fingers into my panties, he probed /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy and every time he made contact with my clit I moaned out loud into his mouth as we continued to kiss, I could feel the end of his /erection/">erection getting wet and raising my fingers to my mouth I tasted his precum. It was divine I just loved the taste and when Sean put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me gently to the ground I went willingly and gripping his big hard cock in my hand placed the tip in my mouth and licked and sucked it like a lollipop.

Sean definitely loved it and the harder I treated his cock the more he moaned and groaned then he warned me he was Cumming. Being the naive virgin that I was I didn’t really know what he meant but soon found out as he erupted stream after stream of lovely thick gooey sperm into my mouth, it tasted so nice and the feeling of his cock pumping out all that juicy spunk was overwhelming, but there was more than I could swallow and as I gagged on his cock and salty load I pulled him from my mouth and felt the last of his cum splatter across my face, and all this happened in the alley behind my /dad/">dad’s house.

When we got back to my home dad was in bed asleep so after cleaning my face up we settled in front of the TV and cuddled on the sofa, Sean became hard again and wanted to have some more fun there was no /foreplay/">foreplay other than Sean undoing my top and sucking hard on my nipples till I begged him to go down on me, I let him lift my skirt and pull my panties off, then he slid down between my legs and kissed my pussy he was really good with his tong my clit was buzzing with sensations I had never felt before and he soon made me /climax/">climax but when he tried to get his cock inside me I wouldn’t let him I just wanted to taste his cum again, I soon had his pants undone and began to jerk his /cock/cock-hard/">cock hard and fast. Sean was loving it. I had his balls in one hand and his cock in the other lowering my head to receive his swollen bell end I slurped all over it and this time when he warned me he was going to cum I was ready and waiting, I slipped the end of my finger in to is arsehole just before he started to feed me his love juice and as I felt him start to pump my mouth full of sperm I could feel his arse clamping on my finger.

Three years later and I am still a virgin but it doesn’t bother me as I prefer to suck on a good /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock and finger myself to and orgasm as I do it, I always climax just as my mouth is being flooded and thank too few special men, Sean my ex-boyfriend/Steve the guy I work with and roger my dad’s oldest friend I get to suck down two loads a day at least’x