Lesleys fuck away from home Part 1

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Lesleys fuck away from home Part 1

Lesley?s fuck away from home! Part 1

This is a true story about me (Richard) and my wife Lesley, who is 32yrs old 5?3? brown hair 34c breasts 24 waist 32 hips. 
When we first met she had never been unfaithful to any of her other boy friends but that was all going to change with me as I have always been turned on with the thoughts of my girl friend having sex with other men.

It all started on night when having sex we started to talk dirty to each other and afterwards she asked me what my fantasy was? So I told her what turned me on about thoughts of her with other men. 
The next night when having sex she started telling me about the boyfriend she had had and what she had done to them and what she would let them do to her when having sex with them which got me so excited, I couldn?t last as long as usual.
As the weeks went on she would make up stories to turn me on more than ever and I would ask her about the smallest details and what she liked them to do to her and where she would have sex with them.
One night when she was telling me about having sex with a guy we know, I decided to ask her if she would have sex with some one else for me.
She replied ?maybe one day but it would have to be with a stranger?
This made me cum straight away ?it would really turn you on wouldn?t it honey? she said
?Yes it would? I replied
?Sure you wouldn?t hold it against me afterwards honey?
?No /sweet/">sweet heart as long as I could watch or you came home straight away and told me every detail? I said
?I will think about it then? Lesley replied
No more was said about it for a few days until I decided to bring it up as she was about to orgasm
I said would you like to be sucking a another cock as I am fucking your /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy?
?Yes I would love that? she replied
?As long as I was allowed to have their cock deep inside my pussy after you have cum inside me?
?Of cause you could? I replied
?What about deep in my fucking ass as I know that is your favourite place??
?Oh yes I would love to see some one deep in you /ass/sexy-ass/">sexy ass?
?Oh god I am Cumming? she said
With that she had a couple of orgasms one after another and I pumped my load deep in her soaking wet pussy.
?You would enjoy it as much as I wouldn?t you my little whore?
?God yes I would love it to be fucked all night by you and any one else it would be a fucking big turn on for me as well as you?
?God you are turning me into a little slut aren?t you? she committed 
?I do hope so? I replied
?Would you let a black man fuck you? I said
?Would that turn you on more seeing a big black cock with my lips around it and licking his pre-cum from his large helmet? she replied
?Oh god yes?
?Then we better see what I can do for you my love?
with that we fall a sleep, a few days later Lesley told me that she was going out for a night out with a few girls which she always did on a Friday night once every month,
So I didn?t think any more of it.

When that Friday came she got dressed up as normal and came down stairs she look wonderful in tight jeans and a silk shirt which was very tight as well, she came up to me and whispered in my ear ?don?t wait up honey you never know my luck honey?
With that she took my hand and pressed xxx it against her braless shirt and whispered ?is that to your satisfaction? And by the way I am not wearing any knickers ether?
With that she kissed me on the lips and skipped out the door before I had time to say anything.

At 11.30pm my girl friend hadn?t return home as she would of normally so I decided to retire is bed with raging hard-on! Thinking about what she could be up to, about 1 o?clock I heard the front door go with her return and Lesley coming up the stairs, she entered the bedroom to see if I was still wake 
?Well what happened? I asked quickly 
?I will tell you later I need to go for I pee? as she left the room heading to the toilet, I listened as I heard her going to the loo which always turns me on for some reason.
As she entered the room I asked again ?well what happened then? wanting to hear her story straight away
?Be patient I will tell you in I minute? as she was undressing
as she slid in to bed cuddling up beside me she reach for my cock and kissing me with lust in her eyes and said ?well honey looks like I should go out more often if this is what I will find on my return? as she stroked my very /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock 
?It is so wet with pre-cum you are never had so much pre-cum my horny fucker?
?No honey I have been thinking about you all night wondering what you been getting up to? I replied
?Well I think you should wait until tomorrow morning as I am too tired and need my sleep now as it has been a tiring night?
?No honey I need to know now? I snapped in replied
?Well if I must tell you now then porn videos download you better take I look at my neck?
As I looked I could see I small love bite
?I thought I better come home with some evidence for you or you mite think I made it all up my lovely horny bastard? she said
?Oh god please tell me what you have been up to as I am so horny my love? as I started to kiss her neck where the love bite was
?Well first we went to the pub down by the river for I couple of drinks then we went to a couple more pubs before I could get up the nerve to even flirt with any one!
In the last pub we all started talking to some blokes and told them we were go to the night club down on fore street with that we left?
?Did you fancy any of them by then? I asked
?One of them was flirting with me like mad but I wouldn?t say he was good looking but I was getting turn on because I knew you would be and I was right wasn?t I?
?God yes? as she kissed me and stoked my 7inches of rock hard cock, at this point I was sucking her firm /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples as I want to touch her pussy yet as I knew I wouldn?t be able to hold my self back from Cumming straight away
?When we arrived we got our drinks and got a table, then about 10mins later the guys arrived and Rob sat beside me and started to flirt with me again asking if I had a /friend/boy-friend/">boy friend which I said yes he asked me where you were? I told him a home as I only come out once a month with the girls?
?He then said that was a shame as he would love to take me out one night?
I told him ?maybe I mite be able to arrange it if he was a good boy but a wasn?t going to promise any thing as I told him I was in love with you and I didn?t what to lose you just for a night out?
?He told me he under stood and he wouldn?t do any thing if I was him ether but could he have a dance any way?
?I said yes and we got up and danced for a while until a slow dance came on and we smooched slowing and I notice his growing cock against pelvis which was a big turn on for me, I then whispered in my ear that I like what I could feel?
He replied by telling me ?that he would love me to feel it better, if only we weren?t wearing are jeans?
I told him that ?I would like that but I wasn?t going just out side as it wasn?t warm enough out there?
Rob then asked if I was just saying that or was I just a cock tease?
I replied ?I was good at teasing cocks and yes I would but not out side as I like to be warm?
?What he say and were you horny by this time? I whispered to Lesley
?Yes I could feel my juices starting to flow and you know how wet I get honey!
He ask if I was sure we could go back to his house?
I told him ?if I do you must promise not to tell any one and he would have to go first and I would meet him in about 15mins out side and there better be a taxi waiting as I couldn?t let any one see me with him?
?Ok I will say my good byes to every one and go and get a taxi?
?I left about 15mins later and go into the taxi with Rob were him began to kiss me with tongues of cause! When we got to his place he poured me a drink and put on some slow music and started to dance with me and kissing my neck and slipping his hand up my silky shirt, when he touched my breasts he whispered that he loved a girl who goes out with no bra on as it makes them move naturally?
?So I whispered back that was not all I am not wearing! As I slowly moved my hand over his jeans and rubbed his growing cock through the material and started to undo his belt and buttons! Buy this time my jeans had a very damp patch as I as my juices were flowing with excitement and his jeans had fell to the floor?
?What was Rob doing to you? I asked
?he had unbuttoned my shirt and was sucking my erect nipples for all it was worth and I was loving every minute of it as his tongue was making my body tingle all over so I fell to my knees and released his hard prick from his pants and wrapped my tongue around his swollen head, I could taste his lovely pre-cum oozing out just like yours is right now my horny devil?
?Was his cock big my sexy slut? I asked
?It was slightly smaller than yours but I didn?t care as I was so wet and horny by now thinking about how you would be getting horny over me telling you about it!?
?Oh god honey I think I am about to cum right now?
?NO you fucking don?t? as she stopped touching my cock
?I will have to stop telling you any more what happen then? she snapped
?Ok if you just play with my nipples for awhile as you carry on telling me what happen? I pleaded with her
?Ok but you better not cum until I say you can ok??
?Ok I promise? I replied
?Well I started sucking his rock hard cock as he slowly fuck my mouth and moaned with extreme?
?He asked if he could /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth so I told him only if he wasn?t going to go soft on me as I deeded I good fucking like the slut I was! At which point I felt his cock twitched a few times as he was about to cum?
?Did you let him /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-your-mouth/">cum in your mouth??
?God yes I wanted it so badly at that point I would have let him do anything he wanted to do? As his cum shot to the back of my throat I suck even more like a little whore sucking him dry?
?Did you swallow all his cum you fucking little slut?
?Yes and I came at the same time soaking my jeans?
?Did he taste nice and what did you do then? I asked quickly
?He tasted wonderful you know how I love the taste of come! Then I sucked slowly him back hard again as he removed my soaking jeans telling he how he wanted to fuck my horny little pussy, which as you know always turns me on talking dirty to me! He laid me on the floor and started licking my juices for my /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt?
?Was he good at licking you out??
?he made me cum three time one after another after about 5mins so yes and I squirted like I do with you which really turned him on as he had nether been with a squirting bitch before! By now I needed a good /fucking/hard-fucking/">hard fucking so I told him?
?Fuck me fuck me you horny bastard?
?He asked if it was ok to fuck me bare back? 
?To which I replied only if you don?t cum in side of me of which he told me he wouldn?t if I didn?t want him to?
?He slowly slipped his aching cock in to me with ease and slowly pumped into me with great excitement! As he started to pump me faster I told him to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder as I was about to cum he started to tell me?
?That I was a horny bitch and I needed to be fuck in every hole like the whore you are?
?With that I squirted orgasm after orgasm losing a count of the amount of times I came?
?At which point he started to withdraw from me as he said he so about to cum?
?I shouted at him I needed to feel him hot cum deep in side of me?
?Sorry honey I hope you didn?t mind? Lesley said to me
?God no I would have told him myself, that I wanted him to fill my slut of a girlfriend?s pussy up? I replied 
?Thank you I needed it so /bad/">bad like I do now please fuck me NOW!?
?What happen then first??
?He pumped my pussy as hard as he could and told me at he loved the way my pussy soaked him?
?Which made me cum straight away as did he, telling me that I was the Fucking Best Lay he had ever had and I was such a fucking slut?
?We laid there for about 15mins in each others arms until I said I mush go home as you would be getting worried were I was?
?He asked as I left if he could see me again? So I told him that I would see and he gave me his number just in chase?
?Would you like to see him again? I ask Lesley
?I don?t think so as it was wonderful but I don?t want to get involved with any one else but you! NOW FUCK ME I need you in side of me?
We had one of the best fucks ever that night and we are now married 12months down the line for Lesley?s first ever fuck away from home as we call it!
There has being many more like that with me there as well and she has become my whore for all to TRY!
Hope you enjoyed this letter if so I will right more of Lesley?s accounts any how she enjoys even more kinky things how, I don?t think there is any thing she wouldn?t try for me as long as it turns me on it does her.

The end.