The Devilish Sex Goddess Part I

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
The Devilish Sex Goddess Part I

The /first-time/">first time I've met Meghan was at my dad's company when I was 18. My dad wanted to take over his business, but all that I really cared was to see Meghan for the first time - the /blonde/">blonde woman who seduced my dad 10 years ago.

I've only heard about Meghan from my dad's business partners. 10 years ago she was a new employee to my dad's company. She admired my dad a lot and ended up seducing him in his office. To cut a long story short, they had sex reguarly in his office until my mom stormed in one day and gave her a slap in her face. My dad loved my mom a lot, and he went so far to save his marriage as to never talk to Meghan again. He wanted to fire Meghan, but the wwwxxx to be fair, he gave her an ultimatum - if she could bring in a significant new business once a month, she would be allowed to stay.

10 years passed by and Meghan never failed - and it's no secret to anyone that she's been using her body to seduce new businesses. Oh, I forgot to mention, Meghan's probably the most beautiful woman you'll ever seen in your life. She's 5'7", blonde, a pair of wide blue eyes on an elegantly beautiful face, smooth and hairless skin formed her perfectly curved body. If you see her once, you'll probably thought that you're seeing a goddess ... as a matter of fact, as sex goddess.

That day I met Meghan, she was 28 already. People said that she really loved my dad, and after their relationship broke off, she began fucking every single possible clients. My dad warned me to stay away from this woman, saying that she's devilish, but since the first time I've met her, all that I wanted was to enjoy her delicious body for once.

My chance came, when I was 21, my dad retired and passed on to me the company. And the first day I was at work alone, I knew that it was time to fulfill my desire. I went out searching for Meghan, finding that she was riding a client on a conference table. I took a peep from the half-opened door, seeing her curvy white body moving up and down the client. A while later, she began moaning in her beautiful voice while moving her ass and waist in circle. Not for long, the client couldn't hang on and began emptying his cum into Meghan's pussy.

I was so hard by then that I was masturbating myself through my pants, and Meghan turned around and looked at me. She got off the table, and walked towards me in her deliciously-looking naked body. She shakes her ass sideways with every step, walking like a super /model/">model, showing every single bit of her sexy body. God, she's truly a sexy goddess!

Without saying a word, Meghan gave me the most seductive smile a man could ever imagine, and led me into my office. She pushed me down to the chair, and began to unbotton my pants. "This is where I made love to your dad 18 years ago, afterwards he wanted to kick me out, but I promise, after this, you'll never want to let me go ..." As she was taking off my /underwear/">underwear and taking out my rock-/hard/hard-cock/">hard cock, my hands are already all over her move - it was the smoothest woman skin I've ever touch. I touched all over her curve back and waist and her tight /ass/sexy-ass/">sexy ass, and she climbed on top of me, her big and firm tits pressing against my face. As I began sucking her hipples, my cock tip began to feel her warm clits. My hands now moving up and down her smoothest and sexiest thigh and having her wrap her beautifully shaped legs around my waist.

Meghan then began to move down against my cock, and now lowering her lips next to my ears, with her beautiful blonde hair in front of my face, and she whispered, "no man will ever let me go after this ..." and then my cock's completely wrapped in her warm pussy, still filled with the /semen/">semen of the client she just fucked. Her arms now around my neck, and she began to move up and down my cock and moan with her heavenily voice.

I really couldn't hang on, her pussy was massaging my cock so well that in less than a minute, I already wanted to cum. I wanted to enjoy Meghan for longer and was trying to hold back, but she sensed it and began to whisper next to my ear again, "silly boy, don't hold back, you'll be having as much intercourses with me as you want from now on ... my body will end up a reservoir for your semen, I'll be comforting you with the body that every man on earth desires ..."

I couldn't hang on any longer, I lifted Meghan and pinned her onto the desk, and began fucking her uncontrollably, she moaned and screamed and laughed, in an evil way, she pushed my head down so that she can whispered next to my ear again, this time in a wwwxxx devilishly beautiful voice, "... and let me tell you, Sebatian, this is my first revenge against your dad for breaking my heart, and my first step to take everything from him ..."

How naive was I! She's doing this for a reason, but at that point I was having the most sexual excitment of my life and my body wouldn't let me stop a bit. As I'm pushing my cock in and out of Meghan's juicy and tender pussy, she held my head in front of hers and starred at me with her beautiful blue eyes, full of anger, "and you know what's the best part? You, Sebatian, you, will not be able to resist. You'll be possessed, you'll be addicted, and you'll end up be giving up everything your dad gave you for a simple sexual intercourse with me!"

Her pussy now milking my cock in a way I've never felt before, I couldn't control myself fucking this evil woman who's reveiling her evil plan to me, thinking to myself, "she's right, I think from now on I'll be possessed ..." I grabbed her boob with one hand, and another lifting her head up, and french kissing her while I unload my cum into her pussy. And I know this won't be the last.