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I met Gina at a party several years ago. It was actually my wife who introduced us. After a bit of small talk we parted company and continued our mingling. Gina and my wife worked together, and as such I regularly heard all about Gina, her marriage, and her life in general.

Gina was not what you would call a beautiful woman, but she was OK in the looks department, about 5?9? and just a little bit on the plump side. On the positive side, she had a huge pair of tits, about 40DD. I liked that part about her the most. And they looked to be very firm.

My wife told me that Gina?s husband suffered from a non existent sex drive, and as such Gina was frequently left wanting. Given that I knew so much about her, I also assumed that Gina knew that my wife and I were active in the swinging scene.

I bumped into Gina about a half hour after we were first introduced. She was drinking Kamikazes and loosening up quickly. When she saw me, Gina put her arm around me and asked me if I was having a good time. I told her I was having a great time. I glanced down at her voluptuous tits. Gina smiled at me and pushed her tits up against my side. I could see it in her eyes that she wanted more, so I popped the question.

?Are you having a good time??, I asked.

?Yes I am?, she replied.

Next came the big question, ?Would you like to have a better time??.

Gina grinned at me and said, ?I would love to?.

I glanced around the room to see where my wife was. I saw her out on the back patio talking with some of her other CO-workers. I led Gina down a hallway to the /master/">master bedroom. I closed the door and took her into the master bathroom without turning on the light. As soon as I closed the bathroom door Gina put her arms around me and kissed me deeply. I returned the favour and quickly reached both of my hands up her blouse and fondled those /tits/huge-tits/">huge tits.

Gina was getting hotter by the second. I could hear her breathing speed up as I squeezed her nipples. She quickly unzipped me and started jerking my cock. I slid one hand down past the elastic waistband of her skirt and continued down to her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy.

My finger slipped inside of her easily. Her pussy was hot and slick. I fingered her some more and she buried her face into my chest to muffle her sounds when she started to cum. I held her tight to me and fingered her softly as she recovered from her orgasm.

Gina acted like she hadnt had sex for a long time. From what I heard about her husband, I believed it. I sat her up on the vanity and lifted her skirt. I explained to her that we need to just do a quickie and get back to the party so nobody will suspect what we were up to. She put her arms around me as I entered her. I pumped my cock in and out of her for a few minutes and shot my load into her. Gina kissed me long and hard as I squirted my load into her pussy. I pulled out of her and wet a washcloth for us to clean ourselves off with.

Gina told me to go back to the party ahead of her so it would not look like we were together. She stayed in the bathroom to try to clean up some of the mess I left inside of her. I slipped out of the bathroom and made my way back to the party.

On the following Monday Gina called my house about 10 minutes before my wife was due to arrive home from work.

?Would you like to have a good time??, she asked.

?Sure?, I told her.

Gina wanted to meet me and asked me when would be a good time. I own a photography studio and frequently work late, so I told her she could meet me there. Gina told me that she would meet me there in a couple of hours, she still needed to cook dinner for her husband, and clean up a bit.

I told my wife that I had some work to do that evening and left for the studio after dinner. Gina was already there when I arrived, and once inside we fucked ourselves half to death. Gina and I began having regular fuck sessions two to three nights a week. Gina was married to a man who would get in the mood for sex about once a month. When they did have sex, she said it didnt last long. She told me that she wanted to try every position and every kind of sex I could think of. When it came to sex, Gina was like a kid in a candy store.

For about 6 months I did my best to give her all that she wanted. It was as if I were witnessing an awakening of something inside of her that had been asleep for a long time.

After sex we often talked with each other about the things we enjoyed about sex and some of the fantasies we had.

One night after at the end of one of our regular fuck sessions, we were lying next to each other talking about some of our fantasies. Gina confided in me that she would like to try having sex with more than one man at a time.

?How many??, I asked.

?I don?t know, two perhaps. I?m just curious to see what it would be like?.

?I understand what you mean, but why two or three? Why not eight or ten??, I asked.

?Maybe, but I think I would have to start slow and build up to that many men.

Sometimes I get so horny when we have sex, it makes me feel like a total bitch in heat. I have no idea how much I could fuck once I got going.?

?I bet you could do a lot?, I told her.

?Know any football teams??, she said with a laugh.

Our conversation aroused both Gina and I. She got on top of me and mounted my cock for another ride.

?Do you think I will ever be able to do something like that?? she asked.

?If you really want to, I don?t see any reason why not?, I told her.

?How would I go about trying something like that??

?Either you can go to a bar, do a strip tease and lay naked on the pool table, or you can have someone set something up for you?.

Gina looked down at me and silently thought for a moment.

?Would you do something like that for me?? she asked.

?I suppose so, if that?s what you really wanted to do. I don?t see anything wrong in it.?

I knew this was why she brought the subject up in the first place. I told her that I would put something together for her with some guys that I knew.

I looked up at her tits hovering above me, swaying with the motion of her riding my cock.

?How could I say no to such a beautiful woman.?

I didnt realize it until I said it, but over the past months Gina had blossomed into a beautiful and very sexy woman. She was nothing like the woman that I first met at the party. When I called her beautiful Gina blushed and smiled as she looked at me.

?Do you really think I am??, she asked.

?Yes I do?, I told her.

Gina bent down and kissed me for a long time. The combination of her kiss and the feeling of her body pressed down onto mine made me feel like I was in heaven.

? Im Glad you are so open minded about this. I have always had these fantasies that I wanted to try, but I was afraid to tell anyone,? she told me.

That week I worked on the arrangements for having three men that I knew meet us at my studio after hours. Things went very well that night. Gina loved all of the attention she received from the men and took all the fucking they could give her. When they were done, she had a happy glow about her.

The guys thanked her for a great night and left. After I let them out, Gina asked me to join her for some snuggling on the couch.

?Thank you for doing this for me. I can?t believe you did this for me. My husband would never do something like this for me.? she told me.

?Do you let your wife do this?,? she asked.

?I would if she wanted too. She?s a bit too prudish to even think about it.? I answered.

?Wait a minute, I thought you and her were into the swinging thing. She told me about it, and she told me about some of the men she?s had sex with. So you are telling me that she wouldnt try having three men??

?That?s just her. She had two men once and didnt like it at all. Now she only does it one on one.?

?If I were your wife, would you let me do things like this?? she asked.

?Sure I would. I would love to watch you try a whole lot of different things. I think it would be great.?

Gina smiled and looked at me.

?If I were your wife, there wouldnt be anything I wouldnt do for you,? as she spoke, she quickly looked away.

?That sounds wonderful to me,? I told her.

?Is there anything that you wouldnt let me do?? she asked.

?I wouldnt want you do anything that would bring harm to you? I told her.

?But anything else is OK as long as it wasnt going to be bad for me?? she inquired.

?Sure, pretty much anything you can dream up. What did you have in mind??.

?Oh nothing, I was just curious? she replied.

Gina slid off the couch and unzipped my pants.

?Thank you for doing this for me? she said, as she lowered her mouth over my cock and began rewarding me for my help.

Gina and I continued our regular fuck secessions. I arranged a few more group parities for her with more men each time. The largest party I was able to put together had eight /fucking/men-fucking/">men fucking her in a row. The problem that I was facing was that I was running out of enough guys that I could trust to treat Gina well, and keep their mouths shut afterwards. I chose guys that I knew were married because I knew they wouldnt talk.

Gina clearly loved this kind of sex and enjoyed having as many men as I could find.

It was the one year anniversary of our relationship, and Gina and I made a point of just the two of us getting together and celebrating. Gina started talking about how she wanted to get pregnant. She told me that her husband was not interested in having sex or kids. She added that she no longer wanted her husband to be the man who planted his seed in her. She wanted it to be me.

I was very apprehensive about the whole idea, but I admit that there was also something about it that I liked.

On the minus side to the idea, I could only envision getting stuck with an angry husband, a divorce, and child support.

I told her that I had to think about it. In /reality/">reality, I planned to think about it for a very, very long time. I hoped that the subject would just go away.

She told me that she also fantasized a lot about having sex where there was a risk of her being impregnated by a stranger. Most of those fantasies involved her being raped and becoming pregnant from it.

Her fantasies evolved over time. She was like a kid in a candy store who was told she could have anything she liked. She wanted it all.

Gina talked a lot about getting pregnant by a indian santali xvideo black man. She never used the term ?black man?, but instead would say that she would like to see what it was like to be impregnated by a ?black cock?.

She frequently talked about how it would feel at the moment his cum was squirting into her and her knowing it was impregnating her. She told me the reason it turned her on so much, was because it was forbidden fruit, so very /taboo/">taboo. Gina became very excited each time we talked about this. I could feel her pussy get noticeably wetter whenever the subject came up. I began to think that she was becoming obsessed with this idea.

One night she told me that she wanted to have unprotected sex with a couple of black men. She said was turned on by the prospect of having sex with the risk of becoming pregnant by a black cock. I didnt like the idea, I knew that there was a big risk alain lyle porn of her changing her mind and keeping whatever baby that started growing inside her. If that happened, our activities of the past year would certainly be found out by her husband and my wife.

Gina persisted and I eventually decided that if this was what she wanted, I would make it happen for her. I told her that I didnt think her getting pregnant by a stranger was such a great idea. I couldnt see anything good coming out of it.