In Hollywood

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In Hollywood

I?m a fledgling actress with a few walk ons on a couple of TV shows and a couple of off Broadway plays and was asked to audition for a role in a movie being made in Hollywood. The role was that of the lesbian /girlfriend/">girlfriend and co-conspirator of an Irish Republican Army Captain who commanded a small force of bomb makers during the 1950?s. The lead role was already taken by a rising young star in the entertainment world, which was a very /lady/sexy-lady/">sexy lady and I got the part I think because I fit the bill of what the producer was looking for. I have bright red hair, green eyes and am pretty well developed so I am told, plus I can act, at least a little bit, anyway. My first scene in the movie was kissing the lead actress, Megan Moore, before going out to plant bombs at the English Army barracks. I was very nervous doing this scene as I had never kissed a woman before and now was doing it on camera. Megan put her arms around me, pulled me into her body and my heart jumped, beating a mile a minute while at the same time, making my pussy get as wet as it had ever been in my life. She kissed me with the softest lips my lips ever touched, put her tongue in my mouth and I don?t know why she was having such an effect on me, but I almost came.

My whole body was now shaking, not noticeable to everybody, but Megan could feel my body trembling against hers. The director yelled cut, Megan still held me and asked if she was the first woman I had ever kissed. I couldn?t even speak, nodded yes and all I could think of was feeling her naked body next to mine. She let go of me but still held my hands, asked if I knew we had to do a naked bed scene together and again all I could do was shake my head yes. She asked if I was there alone, I nodded yes, she told me that I was going to come with her to her trailer and have dinner with her while we talked about the nude scene. The director said it was a wrap for the day; Megan started walking toward her trailer, pulling me along with her. I was walking slightly behind her watching her ass jiggle as she walked and although I had never lusted after a woman before, my pussy was getting wet watching her walk. We got to her trailer, she led me inside, sat in an overstuffed chair, pulling me on top of her and the next thing I knew her tongue was in my mouth and she was taking my peasant blouse off like it was the most natural thing in the world. That fast my heart was beating like a trip hammer, my blood was on fire as it coursed through my body and I thought my head was going to explode but my pussy did instead.

Pussy juice poured out of me like a broken water main, soaking Megan?s lap with hot cum because I was still in costume and naked under the skirt and blouse as per the script. She had my blouse off by now, looked at me with a /ass/big-ass/">big ass smile asking if that?s what she did to me, cumming all over her pussy. All I wanted now was for her to take me any way she wanted as long as she took me and I was laying across her lap mumbling, please take me, please. She pulled my skirt off of me then, keeping me on her lap and when she looked at my pussy, she commented on how red my pussy hair was as she slid her finger into my pussy making my ass come up off her lap while she put her tongue back in my mouth. My whole body was on fire, it felt like the ocean was roaring in my ears, that my heart was going to jump out of my chest and I came all over her hand with an intensity that I had never, ever felt before. She mumbled, /good/good-girl/">good girl while slipping two more fingers into my boiling pussy and started /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking me hard and so good, nothing else existed now but her fingers in my /cunt/hot-cunt/">hot cunt. She was now sucking on my tits in between telling me how pretty I am, that I was a great piece of ass, what her tongue was going to do to my pussy and my brain exploded while I squirted cum from my pussy for the /first-time/">first time in my life. She didn?t let up, finger fucking my cunt until she had her whole hand inside me, making me cum at least six times, then while she was /fisting/fist-fucking/">fist fucking me, me pushed a finger up my ass at the same time and I know my cum hit the ceiling as I passed out.

When I rejoined the land of the living, I was on the bed with Megan between my legs, cleaning my pussy with a washcloth and she was now naked as a jaybird. Just looking at her naked body was making me hot again and then she laid on top of me, started kissing me and I felt like I did the first time a boy had his naked body against mine as I wrapped my arms and legs around her. My body was on fire again as I pulled her hot body against mine, she had long nipples that stuck out like two little cocks and I could feel them rubbing against my nipples, making me lose my mind. She told me she was going to eat my pussy now, so spread my legs as wide as I could and put my ass in the air for her. I did what she said without hesitation, she got between my legs licking me from my /asshole/">asshole all white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie the way to my clit. I thought I died and went to heaven because I never felt anything quite like that feeling before in my entire life and my pussy erupted squirting hot cum all over Megan?s face. She never stopped, boring in on my pussy, sticking her tongue inside my cunt hole as far as she could make it go, making me scream so loud, I knew they heard me all over the movie lot. I came again, only this time Megan was ready and swallowed all of my /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy juice, making me cum again. She keep eating my pussy while I kept cumming until her mouth was a little sore and I had cum sixteen times, leaving a wet spot on the bed that looked like a small pond. She lay between my legs with her head on my pussy until we both could function again and then we had dinner delivered.

We sat on the floor to eat dinner, sitting next to each other so that our bodies touched and Megan could feel me up while we were eating. She told me she loved my tits and that from now on when we were alone I was to be naked so she could take me whenever she wanted. When we finished eating I could see Megan?s pussy was very wet and I was very curious, so I asked her if I could check it out. She lay back with her legs spread like I did when I was on the bed and I crawled between them to get to check out my first pussy, up close and personal. The first thing to hit me was the pungent aroma coming from her pussy and I liked the smell of her hot cunt. I parted her pussy lips so I could see what it looked like; Megan made a very guttural groan and cunt juice began flowing from her /sweet/">sweet cunt. Her pussy was totally wet now with pussy juice running down over her asshole and I stuck my finger into her cunt hole, surprised at how good it felt inside her hot hole. I pulled my finger out and seeing it covered in pussy juice, stuck it in my mouth to see what it tasted like, again being surprised at how much I liked the taste. It was like /chinese/">chinese food, tart and sweet at the same time and I wanted more, so I stuck my tongue into her sweet cunt hole. She kind of yelped and flooded my mouth with more of her tasty pussy juice, which I swallowed every drop of. I was overcome with a kind of insane desire for her pussy stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv now, pinned her legs back and started eating her pussy like I was feasting on my last meal.

I attacked her pussy with a relish I never had for a cock before, making her moan, groan, scream and beg and plead to make her cum again, causing her to fill my mouth with her sweet nectar eleven times before my jaw was too sore to eat anymore pussy. Now I was lying with my head on Megan?s pussy, thinking I just got started on her sweet cunt when I realized I was speaking out loud because Megan answered me. She said it was a mutual thing now, my pussy was hers and her pussy was mine, so lets take a bath so we can rejuvenate and start eating pussy all over again. I knew I would like Hollywood but had no idea just how much.