Submissives dream

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Submissives dream

When we meet I have things planned for my little /cum/cum-slut/">cum slut /submissive/">submissive.

I would start off by nibbling your right ankle, tracing a path lightly up your calf with my tongue. Then tickle the back of your knee with wet kisses. Continuing to lick my way up your thigh muscle, parting your arse cheeks as I went. A quick lick on your anal ring, and then tongue my way up the crack of your arse and nibble my way all the way up your spine. Kissing my way across your right shoulder blade and tickle your arm pit with my tongue before lightly kissing my way up to your neck. Where I would spend five minutes nibbling your right ear.

Light kisses would trace a path to your mouth where I would deep tongue your mouth in a long /kissing/french-kiss/">french kiss.
At this time my hands would seek out your nipples and pinching them firmly but lightly.

As we broke from our kiss, I would command you to kneel before me and use your mouth and one hand only to unzip my fly before I full hd xvideo download would allow you to extract my penis, after that you would only be allowed to use your mouth to make me hard.

Slowly pushing my prick into your mouth, until you seem to start gagging, the quickly with draw it until only the tip is in your mouth, again I would slowly push the length into your mouth and once again quickly withdraw it.

As instructed you would use your tongue all around my prick, as I described to you how I was going to tie you up and mercilessly tease your body. By tying your hands together behind your back and then loop one of your stockings through your arms at the elbow, pulling them tightly together free porn movies download forcing you to thrust your ample tits even further out.

Next I would then take a clothes peg and pinch a little of your tit flesh near your nipple before attaching it, where this would be repeated on your other tit, but I would also tongue lash your nipples as I did so. Just then I order you to tell me in as many dirty words as you can how you wanted to be my fuck slut /slave/sex-slave/">sex slave.

You would tell me that your mind and body was mine to use and abuse as I wished, your whole being was there for my sexual gratification, you live only to accept my spunk where ever I wish to give it to you.

where upon I would then lead you over to a dining chair and position you over the seat part before tying your legs to its legs, leaving your arse fully exposed to me. Your tits would hang free over the other side of the seat cushion for me to pinch and tease. I would then take one of your slippers and first on your left cheek give you a light tap, next on your right cheek I would give the same tap.

I would alternate between your cheeks until they coloured a nice shade of pink. I would have you count each slap, with one, thank you my sexy teaching /master/">master. Two my wonderful master, three my sexy teaching master and so on. This would continue until I decided you had been punished enough. I would then take a broom handle and having oiled the end, begin to insert it into your cunt. I would instruct you to tell me how much you could take of this thin hard shaft. As one inch went in you said 'more master please give me more your slut /bitch/">bitch can take much more!” another inch slips in ”Oh much more master, I want to show you how deep my wanton cunt is, I want you to see how much of a slut I am!” This continues until 9 inches of the handle is up your cunt. ”Oh master no more, I can feel it pushing against my womb, master no more please I beg of you, I will do what ever you want only no more master”

I walk around in front of you and tell you to suck my prick, 2I want you to suck me entire length and you better go a fucking good job on it or there will be another six inches pushed up your soaking wet spunk catching cunt, bitch."

You eagerly begin sucking my prick, running your tongue up the underside of it and trying to get all my seven inches inside your mouth, you feel you are gagging, but realize it's not so /bad/">bad if you breathe through your nose. With on final effort you take the last inch of my cock and your nose is pressed against my pubic hair.

As Your tongue swirls around my cock and I begin to slowly withdraw from your mouth. I tell you I am not satisfied with your efforts and a look of panic springs to your face, you begin to beg me not to push anymore handle up you. I smile and say, whilst I am not satisfied with your efforts, you did get my whole length inside your mouth and because of that I will not force any more inside you, how ever I will insist on using a little device I have in my pocket on your clit. The choice is yours three more inches of handle or the device on your clit.

You ask what the device is and I snap, "bitches like you do not ask their masters such things, you only accept your master's wishes". "So I will overlook this outburst this time you little cock teasing slut, so I will give you 5 seconds to decide which it is to be".

You hurriedly say, ”Master I will take the device in your pocket, because I know I can not take any more than the length already up my soaking cunt.”

I walk behind you and slowly, begin to slide the handle out, I keep my hand gripped around the handle, where I had taken hold of it just outside your cunt, just before the last cm of handle leaves your cunt, and I quickly slip half the 9 inches back into your cunt. Again sheer panic grabs you as you beg loudly to be released. I then with draw the remaining length of handle and walk in front of you and proudly show you. You horny /bitch/fucking-bitch/">fucking bitch, your slutty cunt swallowed this much.

As I hold the handle close to your nose so you can smell the unmistakable aroma of horny cunt juice on the handle. Meanwhile I the release your legs and lead you on your knees to the settee, I untie your hands and allow you to lie on the settee, Taking two stockings I fasten your right hand to the outside of your right thigh and repeat this on your left side.

I open your legs, wide, and reach into my pocket. With wide eyes you see a blue plastic capsule type object in my hand. I show you the object of your gaze and then flick a lever down and a soft bristled brush pops out the end. I begin on the soles of your feet and lightly drag the bristles over your skin, you immediate let a giggle escape your lips, you squeal, that tickles.

Having put you in your place by saying, well if it tickles on your foot; imagine how it is going to feel on your clit or your nipples. I continue to lightly run the bristles up your thigh towards your cunt; more squeals of giggles erupt from you.

Soon I am lightly dusting your clit, with the lightest of touches from the bristles and your already squirming and begging to be allowed to cum. I ignore your pleas as I tickle your pubic bone and trace a path up over your stomach, You look on as the blue brush is getting ever nearer to your erect nipple and your in /ecstasy/">ecstasy by the time I lightly flick it over your nipples, your desire to come is now so strong your thigh muscles are actually trembling. 

Suddenly you lose control and a long hard moan escapes your lips as your cunt convulses in a frenzy of its orgasm. Before you have finished coming I have slipped my prick up your arse and began to powerfully thrust in and out of your arse. Almost immediately a second just as strong orgasm erupts from your cunt as you now begin to moan, fuck your silly slutty bitches arse faster, harder master fill me with your spunk I love so much.

I tell you that your arse is going to be a wash with white sticky spunk and carry on fucking you hard and fast. I lean forward and take the end of the clothes peg between my teeth and biting gently on to it open just slightly the end and your breast falls free. I repeat this on your other breast and then begin to suck hard on your right nipple.

Just then my prick pulses inside your arse and you feel the first hot scalding impact of my seed at it splash the inside walls of your arse. I collapse on top of you sweating heavily and gently reach out and untie your hands, you immediately bring them around me and cuddle me, Saying, Oh Ray, and you”re a wonderful arse fucker this slut is forever yours to use as you wish.

We then both retire to the bathroom where after you dutifully bathe me and dry me I allow you to wash your self before we retire to bed.