My First Time 62

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My First Time 62

I walked into my brick house and stomped the snow off of my snow boots. I slowly took off my jacket and checked my hair for any tangles. I admired my long, /blonde/">blonde hair and deep, sea green eyes. I walked into my living room and turned on the TV. After a few minutes, the phone rang beside me. I answered without looking at the caller ID. "Hello?" I said.

"Hey Perri! Whats up?" my friend Keira asked. The conversation continued for 20 minutes. I checked the time. 7:24. "Hey, Ill come over in about 15 minutes." I said quickly. I /hung/">hung up without saying goodbye. I got up and slid on my socks up the stairs. I slid into my bedroom and put on a lacy long sleeve shirt and you could see my hot pink bra, purple skinny jeans, and pink high tops.

I walked over to my full-body mirror while struggling to put in an earring. I stopped walking and when I got it in, I continued.

I smoothed out my outfit and put my hands on my hips. "Perfect." I whispered to myself. I put on my jacket and walked out the door. Snow almost blinded my vision, but I managed to get to my car. As I was driving slowly on the ice coated roads, I felt a tingle in between my legs.

Not the tickle kind, but the horny wet kind. I ignored it and I slowed my Mercury to a complete stop as I reached Keiras tall house. She walked out as soon as I got out and I smiled at her. She smiled back, and I greeted her with a kiss on the cheek. I was careful not to slip on the ice. She gestured for me to get in and I walked in. I let the smell of Hawaiian Breeze air freshener fill my nose.

"Are you ready for tonight?" Keira asked while walking into the kitchen. She gave me a cookie and I took a bite of it. "Yep." I said while I was chewing. I wasnt really sure if I was or not, but I really loved Keira. I never had sex before, and Im 21. Ive been saving my virginity, unlike Keira, who had her /first-time/">first time with Erika Johnson at age 18.

We ate dinner and at 10pm, it was time. Keira took my hand and walked me up the stairs. We giggled with delight as she opened the door to her room. sexxxx video ful hd I felt the tingle in between my legs again. Keira pushed me onto the bed.

She laid on top of me and sat on my hips, but was careful not to crush me. She placed light kisses on my neck, then started to suck on it harder and harder each second. Her hands moved all across my legs and she caressed them. I let out a soft moan as she took off my bra and lacy shirt. Her jaw dropped and she smirked.

Her head dug in between my breasts and xxx sex video download free com she sucked on it. My hips jerked, but her strength pushed them back down. She licked down my stomach and took off my jeans with her hands. They slid down my legs and she pulled down my panties with her teeth. Her tongue licked my pussy lips and my clit.

She pressured her tongue against my clit and licked it in circles. "Fuck Keira ohh yess!" I moaned. She licked it even more and then slid her tongue into my /pussy/pussy-hole/">pussy hole. "Uggh! Keira! Yesss! Ohh fuck!!!" I screamed.

"Now its my turn." I said as I flipped her over. I licked across her neck and down to her cleavage. "Perri..." she moaned. I smiled and lifted her shirt up and unclasped her bra. I sucked and flicked her nipples. "Perri ohhh!" she moaned. I pulled her pants down and said "I have a little /surprise/">surprise for you.;)" I turned over, so my pussy faced her, but so also her pussy faced mine.

In 69 position. I dug into her pussy and she dug into mine. We moaned and sent vibrations into each others pussies and cummed into each others faces. After 2 orgasms, I grabbed the purple /vibrator/">vibrator from beside the bed and turned the setting on high. I pumped it in and out of her pussy while she moaned. "Ohhh Perri ohhh yesss fuck damn ugghh!" I pumped faster until she stopped me. I licked off the cum and after I was done, she did the same to me.

For my first time, I had to say this was the best night ever.